Book cover design

I got contacted by Malene Cortelius to do some proposals for a book cover design for her new book

"Workplace Revolution" – Outperform Competition through Employee Engagement.

Before starting up the design process I had a few meetings with Malene (who resides in Switzerland – So we had the meetings through Skype) I got a sneak peak of the book which included the summary and the draft for the first chapter. I read the chapter through and started sketching out my ideas on how to make the cover.

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Well... Some busy days as I just finalized my website: It is a website in danish about my car crush :-) The Citroën DS or Déesse as it is pronounced in french and the actual meaning is "Goddess"

It has been on my to-do list for quite a while to make a website about the car + some info around my own version of the Citroën DS and how I got addicted into the jungle of old french car workshop manuals and the technical difficulties of an old french classic car.

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