Well... Some busy days as I just finalized my website: www.ds21.dk It is a website in danish about my car crush :-) The Citroën DS or Déesse as it is pronounced in french and the actual meaning is "Goddess"

It has been on my to-do list for quite a while to make a website about the car + some info around my own version of the Citroën DS and how I got addicted into the jungle of old french car workshop manuals and the technical difficulties of an old french classic car.

My aim designwise with the website was to make it very visual, it is hard not to take great pictures of the Citroën DS, so that was quite easy as I had some good tools to work with. I liked the site as a beginning and a version 1.0 but I wan't to evolve it from time to time and add more historic pictures from my own Citroën DS and also from the birth of the DS until the end when the last one rolled out from the Citroën factory in 1975. So keep and eye on www.ds21.dk as I will continue to develop it.

I hope you like it and that the beautiful car shines through the website.